Madderhouse Textile Studios is a creative hub for textile and fibre arts enthusiasts of all stripes. There is an array of learning opportunities in fields such as screen printing, dying, felting, sewing construction, and even paper arts with knowledgeable and inspiring artist-instructors from throughout the region. We also offer open studio opportunities and technical support to practicing textile artists and craftspeople at all skill levels.

At the centre of a well lit, 500 square foot studio with high ceilings is a 20 by 5 foot wide felt-padded work table. The studio also boasts a darkroom and washout booth with power washer for preparing and cleaning screen printing equipment, as well as a digital scanner and large format printer for producing quality films.

It also houses an industrial sink, laundry facilities, additional work table, and plenty of storage. The space is further equipped with two industrial sewing machines (Singer 20U series), and two domestic machines (Pfaff serger and standard machine), and a collection of task specific tools such as rotary cutters and cutting boards, and measuring implements for drafting patterns.



Madderhouse works with all kinds of organizations whose customers and clientele benefit from building skills and relationships while learning to communicate through cloth and fibre.

We seek to build relationships within our rich, textile-loving community and present textile and fibre aficionados as fellow instructors, speakers, special event hosts, partners, and collaborators.

The organizations we’re working with so far are:

  • The Art Gallery of Peterborough, Peterborough, ON

  • New Canadians Centre, Peterborough, ON

  • Peterborough Independent Podcasters, Peterborough, ON


ABOUT The Owner

Owner/Operator, Leslie Menagh is a lifelong craftsperson and wrangler of cloth, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from NSCAD University. She is a workshop facilitator and community-builder with a deep enthusiasm for, and desire to champion other artists.

“Most people haven’t had reason to think about the etymological tie between the word text and other words like texture, context, or textile. These are all words that do the job of shaping and describing a thing. These words also, more often than not, connote a history about an object or a story, and they transmit feeling.

So, it has never been a stretch for me to understand how running a textile studio could also be about running a space where people craft things that express feelings, desires, experience, identity, ideas, and beliefs. I absolutely love supporting people to create, and hosting a space that is devoted to all things textile arts-oriented is my dream-come-true.”

– Leslie Menagh, Owner/Operator and Chief Cloth Wrangler at Madderhouse Textile Studios


What People Are Saying

“…the experience was delightful. Leslie is not only highly skilled, but has everything you’d want in a facilitator - honesty, humour, problem solver, enthusiasm, passion, encouragement, guidance & patience all imparted in such a gentle and loving way!  Thank you so much. And I wish you every success in this exciting endeavour! Peterboroughites are fortunate to have you…” – Fay Wilkinson, Registered Expressive Arts Practitioner (IEATA), Story Teller and Artist

“I didn’t know how satisfying and exciting it is to learn screen printing techniques, turning your imagination to fabric is something you fall in love with” – Ana Lucero Sandoval, newcomer to Canada (Peterborough Immigration Partnership Feb 2019 newsletter)"

"Working with Leslie at Madderhouse was such a great experience. Her hands-off approach allowed us to begin creating within the first few minutes of the first class, allowing more time to explore screen printing as an art and medium, with as much or as little guidance as required. Leslie is one of the coolest people I've had the opportunity to meet and work with in Peterborough, and I can't wait to get back in her beautiful, large, open and inviting studio space. I'll bring the cookies next time!" – Joanna Christina, Workshop Participant