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Alice Olsen Williams

Alice Olsen Williams is a renowned textile artist, blending expressions of Anishinaabe beliefs and ideology with reflections on contemporary social issues. She completed her BA at Trent University, and with her discovery of the quilting process in 1980, went on to formulate the concepts that have become the basis for her distinctive style.

Alice's works have been exhibited at the National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian), Michigan State University, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Art Gallery of Peterborough, and many other museums and art galleries. She is also well-versed in indigenous knowledge (IK) and shares her wisdom with others through workshops and presentations. She was the Trent University artist in residence in 2007 and was recently the Visiting Elder for the SAGE Indigenous Graduate Students Conference at UBC.

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Christianna Ferguson

Christianna Ferguson is a felting artist whose work ranges from wearable and costume pieces to sculptural works and wall hangings. Her work often incorporates silk and three dimensional elements that enhance her surface designs. Christianna’s work was featured in ‘The Uppercase Compendium of Craft’ 2015 and in ‘Worldwide Colours of Felt’ TextileLink, 2016, and can be seen in international exhibitions. Christianna lives, teaches, and practices in her studio in Lakefield, Ontario.

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Christine Roberts

Christine Roberts was raised in a family of multi-generational sewists, and has been intrigued by patterns and textiles for as long as she can remember. While her formal educational is in Environmental Science, and earlier career is as a Web Developer, Christine now operates Modelia, an eco-conscious textile brand, from her home-based studio outside Lakefield, Ontario. Her products are hand dyed using natural dyes, and exquisitely hand constructed. They can be purchased at craft shows throughout the region and at Watson and Lou in Peterborough, ON.

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Kathryn Bahun

Kathryn Bahun is a lifelong sewist, makes her own patterns, re-purposing used garments, housewares, and vintage fabrics to make clothing, purses, dolls, pillows covers, and more. Kathryn is also a return volunteer at the Repair Café, is a feature artistan at a number of shows and retail outlets, and runs her business, Keetarella out of her home in Peterborough, Ontario.

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Faye Jacobs

Faye Jacobs is a weaver, textile artist, and teacher with over fifty years of experience. Faye began her career custom knitting as an Olympic skier, furthering her talents manufacturing professional skiwear and boots. She studied and practiced Fiber Arts in Bolder and Berkeley, returning to Canada in 1999. Faye is the lead hand in restoring the Jacquard Loom at Lang Pioneer Village Museum and is also a sought-after workshop leader in paper making, natural dyeing, and specialized weaving techniques. She exhibits and sells her work at textile art fairs and exhibitions.

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Melanie McCall

Melanie McCall is a practicing artist and costumer in Peterborough, Ontario. She has a BFA in Textiles from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and furthered her formal education studying Historical Costume Design at Dalhousie University. Her artistic practice endeavours to speak to the organic elements of design, and her work crosses forms from costume, surface design and manipulation, puppetry, hand drawing, installation and painting.

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