Custom Workshops

Inquire about a custom-designed workshop for your group and/or location. Do you have an artist or quilting group seeking new surface design techniques? Do you have an organization in search of programming that will help your clients feel welcomed, gain a sense of belonging, and build confidence.

“The New Canadians Centre (NCC) has been teaming up with Madderhouse Textile Studios to offer customized screen-printing workshop sessions for 3 groups of newcomers so far. For each group, Leslie connects with the NCC to discuss objectives for the workshops. She also checks in with participants at the end of each workshop to ensure that their feedback is incorporated in the following sessions. During the workshops, Leslie uses a mixed hands-on, hands-off approach that provides the participants with the technical know-how they need to learn, and allow them the opportunity to explore what they want to do with their fabric and colors at hand. She encourages everyone to bring out their creativity and works closely with each participant, whether during the larger group sessions or through scheduled one-on-one sessions, to help make their projects come to life. Her excitement with each finished project mirrors that of the participants’ – a reflection of her passion for what she does. With Leslie, no project is impossible and every print, no matter how “imperfect” is beautiful.

At the NCC, we value strong community partnerships that speak to our mandate and values. Leslie is always keen to ensure that the workshops she delivers are collaborative, and are catered to our clients’ needs. Her studio space is very welcoming and her enthusiasm is contagious. Through Leslie’s workshops, we are able to empower newcomers with new ways for expressing themselves. They gain a sense of ease and belonging, bond over their accomplishments, and establish new friendships and community connections.

We look forward to our continuing partnership with Leslie and Madderhouse Textile Studios.” – Reem Ali, Community Development Worker, New Canadians Centre Peterborough